WHITE Hair Color Tutorial


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Have trouble getting your clients hair white? Join @HairLikeABoss and learn some of his favorite tips for creating that perfectly white canvas like product saturation, a new way to use purple shampoo, and clarifying the hair before you start. There are so many tips packed into this video you will surely be more confident in creating a perfect white canvas on your salon guests. 

Jessica Ginzalez

Thank you for sharing your technique.

Edward Hale

Brilliant explanation. Thank you.

Tiffany Wermund

thank you for your time and sharing your expertise


I always thought a little in the toner would be a good idea


Thank you for your insight and honesty, been behind the chair for 30 yrs still killing it and loving it. Good stuff especially saturation and clarification

linda peets

was that a pearl with a violet toner, because it looks like it has a little violet in it. it looks great


It would be good to know what formula you used for the final toner

Karen crozier

Dorothea J Lummus

Yes!! Love having this community!! I am STILL trying to find a GREAT purple shampoo...what do you use?

Kelli Rhyne

Actually what toner color line was that?

Kelli Rhyne

That was a awesome educational video.. keep up the good work👍🏻


Cool tutorial thank you!


Loved it!!!! Thank you 😊 btw to you have any tips for course hair available


I love it! Thank you for sharing.ツ

Tina Thomas

Thanks so beautiful


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