WHITE Hair Color Tutorial


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About Program

Have trouble getting your clients hair white? Join @HairLikeABoss and learn some of his favorite tips for creating that perfectly white canvas like product saturation, a new way to use purple shampoo, and clarifying the hair before you start. There are so many tips packed into this video you will surely be more confident in creating a perfect white canvas on your salon guests. 

linda peets

was that a pearl with a violet toner, because it looks like it has a little violet in it. it looks great


It would be good to know what formula you used for the final toner

Dorothea J Lummus

Yes!! Love having this community!! I am STILL trying to find a GREAT purple shampoo...what do you use?

Kelli Rhyne

Actually what toner color line was that?

Kelli Rhyne

That was a awesome educational video.. keep up the good work👍🏻


Cool tutorial thank you!


Loved it!!!! Thank you 😊 btw to you have any tips for course hair available


I love it! Thank you for sharing.ツ

Tina Thomas

Thanks so beautiful


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