Dry Cut Collection + Bonus Color Technics


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Yellow Color Technique
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Peach Color Technique
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Mint Color Technique
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Shag With Bang - Dry Haircut
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Long Bob - Dry Haircut
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Textured Face Frame - Dry Haircut

About Program

The Texture Collection focuses on 3 versatile salon friendly hair color techniques and 3 modern texture dry haircutting techniques from Matt Beck. These techniques can be customize to fit your clients needs and bring life to their haircut using depth and movement to showcase their textured layers. 

Purchase the Matt Beck Scissor Here: https://freesaloneducation.com/products/matt-beck-signature-scissor-v1

Pegasus Hair Artist

Ok. I love all three of these color techniques. Thank you for sharing!

Pegasus Hair Artist

I really like this combination of the peach color. Hope to see more creative hair colors like this.

Matt Beck


Though he operates his salon in a small town—New Hope, PA—Matt Beck makes it his business to think big. As a stylist, business coach and mentor, he’s devoted the past decade to educating stylists about the beauty industry, paving a path to success behind the chair. Just five years ago, Beck developed Gratitude Salon Education to help styl...