Pink Pixie Haircut and Color


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In this video, Matt shows how to create a chic pixie look that adds life and bounce. Starting from the parietal ridge, Matt uses the Andes Cordless clippers to remove the bulk around the parietal rim. Jumping through different kinds of guards can significantly affect the volume and overall look of the hair. To achieve the pixie technique, Matt takes diagonal partings and pushes the length outward to create the asymmetrical, pixie look. After incorporating the Paul Mitchell Pop XG Pinks and Reds, he trims the hair so that it follows her jawline, creating not only a stylish pixie look but a pastel pink pixie cut that will have people’s heads turning. 


Beautiful 💖💖


Loved it !

Melody McInnis

Beautiful! 💕

Matt Beck


Though he operates his salon in a small town—New Hope, PA—Matt Beck makes it his business to think big. As a stylist, business coach and mentor, he’s devoted the past decade to educating stylists about the beauty industry, paving a path to success behind the chair. Just five years ago, Beck developed Gratitude Salon Education to help styl...