My Favorite Toning Technique


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About Program

Matt teaches about using multi-dimensional toning techniques, such as creating diagonal slices and quarter sectioning to add a smooth, thick and natural-looking finish to the hair.  By using the Paul Mitchel Demi tones 10 PA and 7N, he shows how the time, color placement, and condition of the hair can affect the overall look of the hairstyle. Toning can be one of the most challenging aspects of hair styling and by understanding how wet tones and dry tones can affect the intensity of the hair color, achieving the perfect hair tones for your clients can become a breeze. 


Thank that was very useful I have many clients that want depth and dimension to their hair so I'm gonna try this..

Fredricka Taylor

Fredricka Taylor

Cumanda Kollaris

Thank you so much for all you do you keep on inspire me to be a better stylist

Cumanda Kollaris


Thank you so much for all you do I’ve been doing hair for years and when I have a little downtime I watch your videos we forget things it’s hugely helpful

Matt Beck


Though he operates his salon in a small town—New Hope, PA—Matt Beck makes it his business to think big. As a stylist, business coach and mentor, he’s devoted the past decade to educating stylists about the beauty industry, paving a path to success behind the chair. Just five years ago, Beck developed Gratitude Salon Education to help styl...