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About Program

There are four elements you want to pay attention to that are often overlooked inside businesses, but specifically inside salons.

The four things you want to pay attention to is:

1. What they see with their eyes.

2. What they touch with their hands.

3. What they hear with their ears.

4. What they feel when they walk through the door.

I want to make sure that you have an amazing experience inside your salon for every guest that walks through the door, so I created a downloadable PDF sheet called the "Experience Exceeder".

The cool thing about this Experience Exceeder is you can go through it yourself and actually answer the questions and walk through the experience with a fresh set of eyes because of the way the questions work, and you can actually do an overall review of what your guests experience when they come in.

If you use that inside the salon, I guarantee that you are going to increase and improve the quality of the experience for every guest that walks through your door.